Below, you see the four goals that I have set for myself for 2017. Here you can read more about my target setting for 2017.

Goal 1: 2017 dividend income of 1014

Goal 2: 2017 dividend income above 100 for 5 months

Goal 3: Create monthly budgets in 2017

Goal 4: Achieve at least EUR 139 in monthly savings by end of December 2017



Disclaimer: None of the content of this site is to be considered investment advice. Readers have to form their own opinion about which investments are right for them and take full responsibility for their own actions.

2 thoughts on “Goals

    • Hi 5-0 Finance,
      Thank you very much for your comment. You are right. It will be challenging to achieve this but I think I’ll manage. In fact I am already there if I ignore interest costs (please see my most recent post on adding two funds).
      Also, generating monthly income, while potentially not fully rational economically, can be achieved with three quarterly paying funds/companies. One even if that one pays monthly.
      Thanks for stopping by and happy investing.


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