On these pages I write about my journey to financial freedom by being a dividend income builder.

My journey began sometime in 2015 and I can assure you that I am still far away from my goal but even the long journey starts with the first step, right?  Building income from dividends day by day, dollar by dollar. In my case, it would however not be dollars but euros as I live in Europe. More specifically, my lovely wife, our two little girls and I  live in the Netherlands and we are all on this journey together.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with us. During the trip, you can expect monthly dividend income updates on how I am actually building my passive income through investing in different ETFs. I also love to read about investing and will publish the occasional post about interesting investment books. Furthermore, you will also find updates of my portfolio and the occasional change to its constituents. Believe me however, I do not intend to play “musical chairs” with my holdings. I much rather add on to existing holdings or purchase entirely new positions. To put it differently, I believe that the real big money is in the holding on to a portfolio of wonderful companies for many years and benefit from potential of those companies, as opposed to jumping in and out of stocks playing the psychology (changes in multiples like P/Es) apparent in financial markets.

So, to conclude this post: All aboard! the journey is about to continue and I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I do.



Disclaimer: None of the above is to be considered investment advice. Every reader has to form their own opinion about which investments are right for them and take full responsibility for their own actions.