Watching grass grow/paint dry/…

… can be a very exhausting task that requires a lot of patience. While I consider myself a relatively patient person, time remains relative. Time passes very slowly when you literally look at your lawn and watch the grass grow for 90 minutes. At the same time a football match passes by very quickly (Munich vs Arsenal is about to start as I write this).So, how do you make sure that time passes quickly when it comes to your investments and that it does not feel like watching paint dry? I for example try to look at my portfolio not too often. Just as with a watch, time tends to go slower the more you look at it. However, I realize that it is so easy to check your portfolio value. I have my brokers app on my phone for example. Strangely I also find that I tend to look more often when things are going well as opposed to when things are going against me. So, how often do I check? I think it comes down to at least 5 times a week. And to be honest, I still think that this is too much but I can’t really help myself. Probably the frequency with which you check also depends on your investment style. A day trader finds my five times probably way to small but I want to be thinking really long term, so why do I check my portfolio that often? I really don’t know. Also telling myself that I should not check that often does not seem to help. It is similar to somebody telling you ‘don’t think of a pink elephant‘ and subsequently the only thing you can think of is a pink elephant.

What do you think about the frequency with which I check my portfolio? How often do you check yours?

Disclaimer: None of the content of this site is to be considered investment advice. Every reader has to form their own opinion about which investments are right for them and take full responsibility for their own actions.

One thought on “Watching grass grow/paint dry/…

  1. Hi DIB,
    Well I check daily to be honest, but mostly because I reconcile all my finances in Quicken daily. I like to confirm that deposits / transfers / bills are made and dividends received etc. I don’t really take any action from looking at the investment values, although it helps me plan out what my next purchase might be.
    I think I’m designed by nature to hold onto things so daily price changes don’t really worry me.
    Best wishes,


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