Dividend Income Update – November 2016

Here it is: my first monthly dividend summary. The table below shows the six funds from my portfolio that paid a dividend to me.As it is the first time that I present this table, I think a little introduction is in order.

The row including the name of the fund shows the number of shares I owned of that fund at the end of the period shown in the two columns on the right. The row labelled DPS shows the after tax dividend per share that I received from the fund. The third row labelled Dividend shows the combination of the number of shares and the dividend per share ie the total dividend I received from this fund. The row label also indicated the currency for the dividend payment. An example, The Kempen Global High Dividend Fund paid an after tax dividend of EUR 0.28 per share to me. As I own 50 shares the total amounted to 14.02.

The two columns on the right show the dividends I received in November 2015 and the same month in 2016. Staying with the example of the Kempen Global High Dividend Fund these two columns clearly show that the dividend per share was flat in a year over year comparison.


The table above also shows that from the six funds, I increased my position in two of them.

Three funds increased their dividends. One was the PowerShares KBW High Dividend , however during November I sold this position completely. The other two funds that increased their payments to me were the iShares US Preferred Stock ETF and the SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats.

Unfortunately, there was one fund (Global X SuperIncome) that paid a higher post tax dividend to me last year than this year.

So, out of the six funds there were three that paid more, one that paid less and two that paid the same dividend as when compared to last year.

In total I received EUR 35.22 and USD 32.92 in dividends. As you know, I simply add those two to arrive at my grand total of 68.14 for the month. This number is 44% higher than the dividend payments I received in November 2015. I think this is good progress however the absolute amount is still rather small. Yet, to quote my fellow bloggers over at Dividend Diplomats “every dollar counts”.

Also, in one of my recent posts I asked you for your view on a chart to present my progress. I decided on this chart below and only added the year over year growth percentages to it. The percentages are quite big as the base numbers are low but I expect that the percentages should be more representative when I will compare my 2017 numbers to the ones from 2016.


Note, that while the month of November was better this year than last year, the dividend income remained under my goal of 100 per month. I am fully aware that given the size of my portfolio I will not achieve this every month but one of the targets for next year for me will be a number of months I want to be above 100. I still need to figure out which number will be a realistic but also challenging number. Another item I want to set a target for next year is the total dividend income for the year. So far, my dividend income in 2016 amounts to 806. Last year around this point in time I was at 332. So, I am very happy with how far I have come already but I also realize that there is a long way ahead of me and you know what… I will enjoy the journey. In fact I love it. Can’t wait for next month’s update already.

How did November go for you? Are you progressing as anticipated and crushing those targets set at the beginning of 2016?


Disclaimer: None of the content of this site is to be considered investment advice. Readers have to form their own opinion about which investments are right for them and take full responsibility for their own actions.

6 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update – November 2016

    • Hi DAH,
      Thank you for your comment. That is exactly what I am aiming for. I am in my mid thirties now and to be honest I should haemve started way earlier . Funny how you realize that when you are a little older and not at 20 something. Either way, I started the journey of building my dividend income. Tha k you for stopping by.


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