My portfolio

Behold! (drums please) Below I proudly present my portfolio.


For 2016 I estimate it will have yielded a combined post tax dividend income of EUR 550 in addition to USD 450. All I have to do is sit back and wait for the dividends to come in. I love it! The reason for those two currencies is that some of the funds are quoted in USD and also pay dividends in USD. However, despite the USD funds like for example the Global X funds not being super tax efficient for me, I like the fact that they pay monthly dividends.

You will also notice, that the portfolio consists entirely of funds. However not all of them are exchange traded funds (ETFs). Some of them are actively managed and try to beat a particular index like the Kempen Global High Dividend Fund.

Every now and then, I plan to say a little bit about each of those funds. For example why I have chosen this fund and what its characteristics (yield, top 10 holdings, costs, etc) are. Stay tuned for more.


Disclaimer: None of the content of this site is to be considered investment advice. Every reader has to form their own opinion about which investments are right for them and take full responsibility for their own actions.

2 thoughts on “My portfolio

  1. Happy to have stumbled across your dividend blog. I always love to read about other passive income journeys and follow along. While I went the route of individual stocks rather than funds it’s always nice to see how others invest their capital. Look forward to your updates.


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